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June 23, 2015 by karyser Osioh 0 comments


Summer is almost here so we need to make sure we have all our Bikinis ready for our Holidays and beach trips to show off our amazing bodies!

In this blog i’ll be taking about the 3 brands i have picked along side my favorite piece of the brand, i’ll so be telling you guys why i picked them and where you can buy them!

First brand will have to be “Triangl Swimwear” with their striking Colour blocking and lovely shaped Bikinis i found their sets extremely attractive and very electrifying , 1 or 2 pairs are defiantly a must have in the 2015 summer swimwear wardrobe. Triangl is a Australian based company but off international shipping world wide so you need not worry girls!

so my favourite set from Triangl Swimwear has to be the “Milly Santa Rosa Splash’ the colour block from black to mint gives me goosebumps, this one is defiantly a must have without a doubt, the colour contracts would look sexy on all skin tones! strutting around in this on a beach in [...]
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Wearing the wrong bra size?FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

January 31, 2015 by Jacqueline Baptise 1 Comment

Achieving the perfect fit image_eliraphael

+ You’re most likely wearing the wrong size bra at this moment, on the grounds that 70% of ladies are.

+ If it fits right:

Straps: Should be level the distance around your body — it shouldn’t be higher in the front or the back. FUN FACT! Just 20% of bra “help” originates from straps, the rest is from the cups/band.

Focus crease (space between cups) ought to be level against your midsection and the underwire ought to rest on your rib confine, not your boobs.

Your breasts shouldn’t lump out at the top or sides of your bra; they ought to be all wrapped up in the cups. On the off chance that there aren’t any wrinkles then its too enormous and you have to go down a size.

Your bra shouldn’t leave any lines or spaces on your body when you wear it for quite a while.

+ One boob bigger than the other like Michelle from Skins? Think about it, very nearly all ladies have one greater than the other. You ought [...]
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Fashion Tips For Plus Size LadiesFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

December 29, 2014 by Jacqueline Baptise 0 comments


Most design magazines are excessively fixated on zero and below zero figures. The slopes in Paris, Milan, London and New York don’t help out to plus size ladies either. Design is not singularly for the ladies with short of what two feet of waistlines. Style is for everybody so here are some top design tips for plus size ladies.

You must know your actual size and dependably purchase garments of that size. Don’t purchase dresses that are a size or two bigger than what you require. Absolutely don’t purchase any dress that would be a size shorter or what will embrace your body hard. In the event that you pick the privilege size, then you are as of now on your approach to look great. The reason for style is not to make you look totally changed. Its intention is to highlight what is great about you and cover what is not all that complimenting. Settle on the privilege size and you won’t look bigger.

The enchantment of shade can simply change the way you look [...]
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Exciting varieties of swimsuits for plus size womenFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

December 2, 2014 by Jacqueline Baptise 0 comments


Who said you will look awkward when wear swimsuit? As a matter of fact you feel that you are on the bulkier side. An awesome set of attractive swim suits to cover the plus size women. Great varieties to choose from. • Skirted  Swimwear An all print swimwear with a pleated short skirt makes sure people’s gaze is not on your outter-size figure but on the eye-catching prints. The small skirt prevents you from exposing too much beneath your thighs.

• A halter shaped bikini top and a short skirt

A halter shaped bikini top reveals a subtle part of your cleavage area. You don’t want to look out of place isn’t it? And a short skirt matching the top makes a stunning skirted swim wear. Plus size women can go in for an XXL or XXXL fit. (XXL- Double Extra Large and XXXL- is Triple Extra Large)

• A pleated swimsuit

The pleats forming the middle of the swimwear and it offers concealment around your tummy. It acts like a tummy tucks wear. Go in for exciting colours like neon [...]
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Five Black Go-To Outfit for Every Occasion…FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

November 27, 2014 by Jacqueline Baptise 0 comments


Every Fashionistas wardrobe is filled with the versatile and powerful black basics like the black skinny jeans, black blazer, the LBD. Perfect for all occasions, a black outfit is an essential piece in every girl’s closet.

Every fashion conscious woman finds herself in a conundrum of choosing a perfect outfit for an important event. Zillions of questions arise in your mind while choosing a perfect dress. The one thing that can save you from asking all those questions is the sophisticated and versatile black go-to outfits in your wardrobe.

Transform your look in minutes with a little bit of inventiveness. These must-have black outfits will help you flaunt your style and look your best for all occasions.

#1. Black Skinny Jeans A favourite fashion piece found in every Fashionistas’ wardrobe is the versatile black skinny jeans. Perfect to wear on any occasion, black skinny jeans will add an edge and sexy appeal to your outfit. Pair it up with a white shirt and flaunt an edgier look.

#2. Black Lace Cardigan The black Lace Cardigan may sound a little [...]
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Great tips on wearing clothes that make you appear slimmerFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

November 17, 2014 by Jacqueline Baptise 0 comments

Great tips on wearing clothes that make you appear slimmer

You know you have a pear shaped body. You want to look slimmer and want to wear apparels that accentuate your looks. Try out these tips and make your presence felt at casual outings. 1. Go in for correct fit tops

If you run the risk of looking fat revealing your problem areas like thighs and hips here is one tip you follow. Don’t go in for either very loose clothes or skin tight ones at the other end of the spectrum. Go in for a comfortable fitting top or a long t shirt or have them tailor made.

2. Avoid wearing low neck tops

Low neck tops can expose your cleavage giving you an awkward look. Low neck tops are not body flattering and they make you appear fatter. Try wearing V neck tops or blouses which are well tailored to give you the polished look and hides the bulges in between the wedges.

3. Dark coloured clothes

Light coloured clothes like white or satin pink go well with ladies who are slightly on the slimmer side. It brings out the gracious side [...]
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Great varieties of Bridal lingerie in townFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

November 5, 2014 by Jacqueline Baptise 0 comments


Bridal lingerie gives you the perfect appearance when you wear the right fitting ones (Bra, Panty and Suspenders) while getting draped in your designer outfits. Don’t you want to look your awesome best in parties, wedding receptions, cocktail evenings, office soirée, etc? Or you want the strap of your brassier hanging around the sleeve of your red velvety Victorian gown? Here are few great ones including valuable tips for you to choose the right one. Red lacy lingerie In case you are planning to wear a long Victorian gown for the ball room party you can select the suitable lingerie. There is an advantage of wearing same coloured lingerie with the costume you plan to wear for the evening. The lingerie will simply blend in with the clothing. Transparent peeks of brassier being in a different color and outfit standing out doesn’t look good at all. You can choose a red lacy bra and panty as the lingerie for a red dress. If you plan to wear a t-shirt and a skirt you can opt for t-shirt [...]
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Brassier seamlessly designed to make comfort felt at its pinnacleFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

October 9, 2014 by Jacqueline Baptise 0 comments


Every bra is made of adjustable straps and molded cups. But what actually matters, is the seamless comfort which the brassier provides you with. After all you are going to be donned in your bra, for the entire day. And this exciting piece of lingerie covers your tits, reveals the desirable part of cleavage and helps your chest breathe.

Cotton Candy luxury seamless bra

The bra is so soft and comfortable to wear on. This bra is for nursing mothers, basically. The cotton candy seamless bra can accommodate to your changing bust size. It has hook and eye enclosures at the back to provide you with ample support and coverage. The brassier has a double layered side sling which keeps your boobs away from protruding. The T back structure is a fascinating finish to the bra. Shades to look for include black, beige and steel grey.

The bra with super stretchable cups

If you are of a slender frame but with huge tits, then the bra which accommodates cups ranging from DD until [...]
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SHOPPING FOR LINGERIE ONLINEFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

October 6, 2014 by Jacqueline Baptise 0 comments

feature image

As online shopping has become more viable and convenient, it has become a popular means of shopping. In particular, shopping for lingerie by online means has become exceedingly popular.

Online shopping of lingerie has certain benefits, as well as right ways to do it. The number one consideration in buying lingerie is to get the correct fit. Many online stores for lingerie consist of size guides, advice for bra fitting, and guides for bra selection for men who want to gift them to girlfriends and wives.

If you are planning to purchase lingerie for yourself or a friend, use the above for your advantage. Take an accurate measurement of your size before you get down to online shopping and make comparisons of your size to size specific charts provided on the web page.

The internet can indeed be helpful to find the lingerie of your choice if you are armed with details of your size beforehand. You might have had the awful experience of hopping from one store to another [...]
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Breath taking pajama sets to add to the absolute Wow factorFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

September 26, 2014 by Jacqueline Baptise 0 comments

women in PJ

There are superb picks on pajamas to add to the actual wow factor. Exclusive PJ sets have become so fashionable and these are quite the best form of lounge wear, you simply can count on.

A look at a few of them, leaving you completely spell bound:

The pillow talk tank pajama

The exquisiteness of the amazing PJ set is that the top is a halter styled tank top and a low belly bottom rather than the mundane variety of sleeved shirt with drawstring pants. You can hit the swimming bay at midnight with the pillow talk PJ sets available right away at your door step. The cross back top gives you the racy effect, you are aiming for. The pants are cute, comfy and all sleek for night wear. Pink soda, Blue Leopard, White Leopard, Pink Stripe, Red Penguins and grey/pink plaid are gorgeous shades you can go in for.

Flannel PJ sets

The button front top is seamlessly coveted with an easy pair of pants to make a lounge loving favorite. You [...]
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